2015 Reinventing Delaware Ideas


Idea Village  This program is fashioned after the highly successful program initiated in New Orleans in 2000 and a driving force behind the successful resurgence of the city, post Hurricane Katrina.

Delaware’s Idea Village would be located in Wilmington and would be focused on the rebirth of the state’s largest city as a hub for identifying, supporting and retaining entrepreneurial talent in Delaware. See link for greater detail: http://ideavillage.org/

Start an on demand shuttle service that would transport people that are traveling up and down the state. It would be a combination of Zipcar and Uber for a group of people commuting between New Castle County and downstate.

DHIN 2.0 Developer Access to DHIN Data — Allow app developers to come into Delaware with access to DHIN (Delaware Health Information Network) data to create a VC-start up marketplace for healthcare data service industry. Delaware is somewhat uniquely suited to this as it is the only State with a truly single database of health information through DHIN.

Microfinance in Delaware  Microfinancing is providing small loans for people who will not qualify for traditional loans. Special organizations will provide the loans. The corporations which are not banks could make money off the loans, it’s not a hand out, and it’s a hand up. The goal is to invigorate the Delaware economy.

Establish Delaware as the Biotech start up incubator  Delaware needs to become a Biotech Incubator hub because it is the future research. We can leverage the science that is not being engaged. We can take adbvanatae of the lab space, the researchers and companies like Incyte.

The Innovation Committee Connecting Inventors and Investors in Delaware. A committee that hosts monthly dinners connecting investors with inventors and jumpstarting innovation and new ideas in Delaware. Delaware companies and businesses would submit proposals to the Innovation Committee, which would include (1) the problem requiring a solution (e.g. desire to market a new product); (2) the method of the solution (e.g. want to develop an app); and (3) the budget ($10,000). Inventors, designers and various other creatives would submit a proposal to the Innovation Committee and, if approved, attend a dinner hosted by the committee, during which they would have the opportunity to pitch their idea to the company in need.

Identify and create a one stop resource as “idea space” as a go to destination in order to get assistance with needs involving your business startup – such as software programming, mechanical engineering, graphics etc.

Northern Delaware will become the FinTech (i.e. “Financial Technology”) hub of America. There is currently a growing entrepreneurial and start up community in Northern Delaware that has not existed in recent memory. This is occurring without any public or private coordinate support. It is an outgrowth of the success of the credit card industry, and its transformation into technology, marketing and human capital. A coordinated public/private effort will occur to identify what can be done to further stimulate this trend.

Tech City USA – Zip code 2.0 — expand zip code to include networking skills, operating systems support, etc. Get a group of businesses to partner with the college/university/other to put in place a “tech city” infrastructure.


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