2015 Reinventing Delaware Ideas


Tax Credit for Investing in Qualified Startups. Similar to Ohio. We need to encourage local startups. When our company was started, we had nowhere to turn. There needs to be more local resources.

Create a public-private partnership in the City of Wilmington where business owners could fund additional street lights to be placed in high crime areas. The City of Portland (OR) has a program where lights can be purchased for $1200.

Legislative Oversight of Regulation. Prior to a new regulation being adopted, if 12 members of the General Assembly sign a petition against the regulation, a mandatory majority vote of both legislative chambers would be required BEFORE that legislation could go into effect. This would return legislative oversight to the regulatory bureaucracy.

Identify talented young people and incentivize them to stay in Delaware by matching them with well-paying/fulfilling jobs, by making quality and affordable education more accessible, and by making them aware of attractive community and lifestyle activities.

Special License that costs $20K that allows speeding on highways.

Social Impact Bonds (SIB) for Pre K – Provide Universal pre-K to 3-to-5 year old preschoolers using social impact bonds — a new method of financing social services that doesn’t create eternal government programs.

Healthy Urban Corner Stores – educating store owners and incentivizing healthy food purchasing through coupons.

Jobs & Skills for Ex-Felons and those in Poverty. Accelerate the existing Associated Builders and Contractors project.

Replicate Keystone Opportunity Zone — 10 years tax-free to redevelop urban areas, connecting upwardly mobile young professionals with companies in need of a quality workforce.

Improve the results of prison reentry. Anticipating massive reentry numbers in years to come, local technology companies and call centers could begin working with prisoners to build skills and deliver service, before release. Therefore, improving their odds of securing work when they are released.

Make Delaware the racing capital of the world. Austin, TX is the music town and that helps it attract lots of other businesses and people. Could Delaware turn into the “racing state” by having regular, national races in, for example, sail boats, NASCAR, grand prix, bicycles, motorcycles etc.

Incentivize worker-owned cooperatives like Cleveland’s Evergreen Cooperative.

Metropolitan Policing (by interagency agreement) (i.e. the City of Wilmington, New Castle County and Delaware State Police would enter into an agreement to share personnel and resources to combat the murder rate, heroin epidemic and overall crime rate in Wilmington)

Prosperity Centers (i.e. through a public/private partnership, a program would create either mobile centers or centers placed in at risk neighborhoods to offer employment, financial and benefit coaching to impoverished citizens (a similar program is already up and running in Kansas City)

Develop a public/private partnership to redefine economic development at the state, county and municipal levels

Create a public/private partnership that markets Delaware as a technology center and promotes our research and development and educated workforce resources

The fourth largest employee category is tourism in Delaware which is a $2.1 billion dollar industry. Strategize to bring Delaware assets and utilize the DE Economic Development Office (DEDO) together to lead the effort. Use our beaches, tax free shopping as promotional tools.

City of Wilmington Strategic Plan and City Dashboard. Bring in a convener to lead an initiative to form constructive collaboration with stakeholders who already engage in sectors. The conveners will create a comprehensive economic plan grounded and purposeful with clear community wide goals that are shared. A transparent dashboard will be included.

Transform Transportation. Marshal federal resources landscape to transform Wilmington, Amtrak is too expensive and SEPTA is to slow. Ask US Rep Carney to sponsor legislation that PA needs. Create an HOV lane between PA and Delaware and then begin a van service to increase transportation

Lava-Mae – Create a bus with showers, toilets and mental health services for the homeless to clean up, so they don’t loiter in Rodney Square, the Library or other public spaces. San Francisco has a similar service that works well

Pre Trial Detention Services   Delaware should offer “prison-services” i.e. mental health, education, training to citizen held in pre-trial detention. These services are only provided AFTER conviction. The majority of individuals held in pre-trial detention are later convicted and sentenced to “time-served”. So, their prison time is a wasted opportunity to get them the necessary services that might reduce Delaware’s 70% recidivism rate.

Paradigm shift in Delaware intellectual capital
1. CNBC 2015 ranks Delaware 38th in Top States for Business
2. Economist Magazine reports that Delaware is the only State in the Nation to have negative earnings growth between 2009 and 2014.
3. 2014 Wilmington ranks as 3rd most violent City of its size trailing only Saginaw & Flint Michigan.
4. 2014 Governor State of the State — only 20% of Delaware public high school graduates are “college ready”.
5. 2014 Pew Charitable trusts ranked Wilmington’s pensions the 6th most underfunded in the Nation — only 59% funded.
6. 2014 Wilmington Gov’t employee salaries are 4% higher than New Castle County private sector wages.
7. American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) 2015 State Economic Competitive Index:
o Top Marginal Income Tax Rate 40th of 50
o Top Marginal Corporate Income Tax 47th of 50
8. Over the last 10 years, Delaware’s General Fund spending has increased 50%
9. Debt spending has increased 80%, and annual debt services has increased 70%.

Suggest these issues are a result of a lack in leadership. We need to invest in Delaware’s intellectual capital and remove Professionalism and careerism in Dover. They are not generating new ideas or expanding entrepreneurship and we need to get the status quo tinkering and introduce creative leadership to constantly reenergize our state. We’re not taking power away from people but giving many a new opportunity

Thoughtful look at revaluating our legislative structure
1. Increase pay for legislators salary is currently $44,500 – remove the “part time” legislature label
2. No double dipping – state elected role and a state position shouldn’t be accepted
3. Establish term limits 12 years max
4. Change the primary election from 5 weeks ahead of the general election to that of other states which is 5 months ahead
5. Start with a grandfather – 2 years from now


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