2015 Reinventing Delaware Ideas


Provide more job training in the Delaware prison system by making the Department of Labor responsible for job training and education.


Delaware should be right-to-work so our prevailing auto worker salary is not $0.

Make the Mayor of Wilmington’s position attractive to the best and brightest. Raise the level of pay for this position to $1MM

“The DuPont Apollo Project” Retain and grow the talent that will be leaving DuPont. Create incentives, provide space, and urge DuPont to release patents to allow the talent that will be leaving to create new business opportunities for the state.

Delaware Training Wage. Make it easier to hire High School students and college students – Delaware should initiate a 90-day training wage @ 80% of the minimum wage for young people under 20 years old who are still a dependent of someone else. Something similar exists in Michigan.

Make Delaware attractive to local entrepreneurs in the science industry. Create low cost and quick delivery wet lab space available to budding entrepreneurs in the science industry

Distribution Zones. Remove real estate and regulatory impediments to creating massive distribution centers in Delaware. With rail, water, air and highways, Delaware is well positioned already. Amazon has proven this. Using existing airport as a hub with upgrades to attract delivery planes, as well as corporate & private air traffic

Make The Arts an economic strategy. Arts contribute to the creation of over 3,000 jobs in Delaware, making it one of the top employment sectors. This is a result of grass roots efforts to offer this amenity in our community. Based upon the demand for the arts locally and regionally and based upon the spinoff effect of events ($50 per person, per event, not including ticket sales) a purposeful strategy could make Delaware a cultural destination, an attraction to employers and create thousands of more jobs.


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