2015 Reinventing Delaware Ideas


Create a “Codestock” contest in Delaware each summer which would highlight our state and Wilmington in becoming a tech social scene and a tech hub. Create code town USA to attract talent to Delaware. We can create a specific industry type to focus the coders work during a code stock festival i.e. cyber security to protect our banking industry.

Itasca Project (Delaware version) The Itasca Project is an employer-led civic alliance whose members are drawn together by an interest in new and better ways to address regional issues that impact economic competitiveness and quality of life in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region. Its 50-plus participants are primarily private-sector CEOs. The group also includes a number of public and nonprofit leaders, including the governor of Minnesota, the mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul, the chair of the Metropolitan Council, the leaders of the University of Minnesota and MNSCU and leaders of major foundations. Itasca Project has no standing agenda, employs no staff and owns no real estate. This “virtual organization” identifies and focuses on a slate of initiatives for which we believe we can:

Itasca Project Goals
* Build a thriving economy and quality of life in our region
* Reduce and eliminate socioeconomic disparities
* Fill a leadership gap
* Apply a fresh approach and/or accelerate promising efforts already underway, through participants’ direct involvement and/or their organizations’ involvement.
* Unite public, nonprofit and business interests behind common goals and solutions for faster, better results.
Participants agree on priority issues that will address regional economic vitality and quality of life. An individual CEO takes the leadership on each issue and assembles a task force. Task forces identify a unique role for Itasca and get things done, typically working in partnership with other organizations around the region.

Local Procurement Bingo. Reward companies who can demonstrate local procurement with randomized incentives.

State-Funded Innovation Lab surrounded by an “Innovation Zone” with 10 years of tax-free startup


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