2015 Reinventing Delaware Ideas

Public Relations

Murder Town to Hopetown. Get 50 business/civic/community leaders to go to Hollywood to talk to the producers of “Murder town” and lobby them to go ahead and shoot the show in Wilmington but change the name to something fictional locale, Hopetown. Each lobbying entity will agree to donate $50,000 to a non-profit it help improve public policy in Wilmington.

Create a Delaware brand and build upon it in order to control the conversation about our state. Make it a place where people want to be located. When you Google Wilmington, crime is one of the first items that appears. The perception from outside the country and outside Delaware is that crime is the major issue. Stop it.

Address the crime rate by job creation, better messaging for crime prevention, and introducing a behavioral therapy program for at risk youth (Chicago has a model program)

Focus/Encourage Development on State’s Proven Strengths. Delaware’s attempts at economic development are scattered and unfocused.

Economic development efforts should focus on the recognized strengths of the state with a strategy developed/designed to build upon existing successes. The strategic development plan now underway with the Business Roundtable will help jump start this effort.

Keeping Young Talent in Wilmington. Quality work and play opportunities drive a thriving and exciting community for Millennials – locally and nationally. Connecting jobs opportunities with lifestyle opportunities has not been a proper focus.


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