2016 Reinventing Delaware Ideas


The Charter School of Wilmington – Satellite Campuses – Open two CSW Satellite Campuses: CSW: Downtown (located downtown Wilmington, CSW: Brandywine (located in northern Wilmington)

School Fab Lab – Launch a social venture called School and Teacher Learning Lab (STELLa) to inspire teachers to learn teaching digital design and fabrication, critical thinking and problem skills through the concept of a fabrication laboratory or a Fab Lab.

Closing the Achievement Gap – World Class Public Schools – shift spending from administration to classrooms.

Talent Scouts  – Help public schools figure out how to have “talent scouts” developed within their high schools – so each freshman would be paired with someone who helps them determine their best career path after high school.

Business & Education Alliance – The business community needs to be more engaged and more closely aligned with the educational system

STEM Curriculum in Public Schools – Establish a consortium of purpose oriented private sector businesses that will introduce a progressive statewide STEM program in all public schools for grades 1-8. 

Robots and Mentors – Have after school programs in middle schools that is focused on STEM education and academics.  It’s a two hour block of time focused on providing homework help and exposure to programming and robotics


Next Gen Learning Hub. –  Today, there aren’t enough kids to warrant an AP physics teacher in Seaford, so those who could benefit miss out.


Idea:  Create an online portal to enable all kids to access the best content on the globe 24/7.

High School Co-op Create a program with the private sector to bring high school students in for co-op positions.

Financial Education – Partnership between schools and our financial institutions with the ultimate goal of teaching students about the value of saving and helping develop rudimentary understanding of income and expenses

Delaware Medical School   Develop a Delaware medical school that is focused on comprehensive primary care and prevention and includes integrated training with other healthcare professionals.

Public Education is Critical for Private Sector Growth    Allow successful charter schools access to existing capital funding for facilities and expansion and sharing of developed curriculum and best practices.

New School System    Completely dismantle current system; start all over.

Working Group Focused on Recidivism    To markedly reduce the frequency of under-education, joblessness, criminal activity and recidivism for younger populations within the City of Wilmington.


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