2016 Reinventing Delaware Ideas


Startup Concierge  Create an app that would act as a “Startup Concierge”. It would take the work that the Delaware Department of State initiated with its Delaware Business First Steps program, and use it as a starting point for an app that would steer fledgling businesses through the roadblocks to facilitate the creation of new ventures.

Wilmington Startup Village   Join the Wilmington technology renaissance already underway and create “enterprise zone” near Wilmington Train Station (similar to Kansas City Startup Village)

Delaware Pitch Deck — The State of Delaware needs to have a truly first rate polished presentation on why a company or entrepreneur should move or start up their company in our state.

Reinvent community and traveling in DE   Capitalize on new thinking of airships/drones to create air based systems to get people North-South, east-west without a car

Hatch Wilmington Renewed focus should  be put on brick and mortar stores and restaurants.  The more there is to do, the more likely people will want to live here.  In Detroit, “Hatch Detroit” was launched as a contest for $50,000 grant awarded to an individual with the best idea for a new brick and mortar business.

Delaware Software lab Delaware Software lab

Hydroponics  Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture a method of growing plants without soil – grown in nutrient solutions in water. Plants are grown with roots exposed and no soil. Transform  old factories like GM or older DuPont facilities.

Medical Enterprise Zones (MEZ)   Designate the City of Wilmington as a MEZ. Affects; all healthcare related industries

Multi-sport / Indoor Track Facility — This facility would have 2,000 person capacity and can support regional events and can be rented to local clubs (i.e. soccer, lacrosse, etc.)  The closest indoor track venues are in Landover, MD, or Long Island, NY.

DE Entrepreneurial Ecosystem — We should create and implement a people-based process and web-based portal to connects all of the groups, individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs within the overall entrepreneurial ecosystem to catalyze a sustainable entrepreneurial economy in Delaware.


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