2016 Reinventing Delaware Ideas


Mental Health Organization –  Create an organization that provides counseling and treatment (outpatient and inpatient) for mental health issues to children under the age of 18.

Re-entry Program – By implementing an effective reentry program we will be able to reduce recidivism, thereby reducing the crime rate, avoid future victims, repair families, lower the state spending for corrections, decrease the number of those suffering in addiction, increase the number of those employed and contributing the economy, and ultimately reducing the cycle of crime and poverty which plagues our community.

Code and Building Inspector Reform In redevelopment projects code/building inspectors should have the attitude of enhancing value and not be merely  a source of income for a political entity.

Reinvent Dover  — We need to invest in Delaware’s intellectual capital and remove professional career politicians in Dover.

DEDO Reform  —  Reform DEDO by establishing a public-private economic development organization funded by multiple sources and governed by an independent board.

Building a Stronger Delaware through STEP Communities  —  Establish planned communities (STEP Communities) where children and families can overcome the negative impact of these factors by acquiring Skills To Excel and Prosper.

One Point Payment Delaware  —  Currently you must go to over 70 locations to pay a ticket or to get a license to do business in a Delaware municipality. Establish one point for all payments. It will be convenient, be cheaper and will ensure overall compliance.

Rocket Docket  —  Create an expedited review/approval process for large-scale office, industrial and manufacturing uses that takes no more than 9 months to get approved. Time is money, and Delaware’s current reputation is that it takes too far too long to get approvals.

Benefits of Biking  —  Benefit of biking is well established. There must be secure and safe, dedicated thoroughfares for bikers in every city and town in New Castle County.

Keystone Opportunity Zones  —  Delaware should copy PA’s KOZ program which has created significant job growth and development to the Navy Yard and West Center City – must limit to new employers to avoid groups moving out of other parts of the state.

Public Private Partnership —  Create a level of joint commitment and engagement between the business community and the incoming Mayoral administration for leadership training and development.

Social Impact Fund  —  Create a pilot program to test a private sector “pay for performance” philanthropy fund whereby investments are provided to non-profits to enable them to develop sustainable models to solve social problems, meet social needs or provide for economic development.

Project delaSHARE  App-friendly initiative that let’s users “adopt” city property (i.e. fire hydrants, trees, trash cans, signs, etc.)

Reinventing Recidivism – Partner every middle school in the state with private and public sector employers for strong mentor programs and ‘sponsorship’ between students and employees.  Reduce crime and create a pipeline of better employees, thereby attracting more employers to the state.


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