2016 Reinventing Delaware Ideas


Bulldozer Academy -  Partner with the Mike Rowe Works Foundation to create heavy equipment operator training center in Southbridge, Wilm.


Internships for Adults - Internships for Adults (IFA) provides access to 1, 2, or 3 day internships/job shadowing opportunities to adults who are post-college age, are motivated to follow their passions or dreams, but need to establish relationships with various companies in a more structured way; think of IFA as a “career audit”!

Employers and Small Businesses -  Attract creative and innovative employers and small businesses to Delaware.


Attract and Retain Non-Delaware Talent - Make private employers of choice in our nation.  Bring SME’s in marketing, recruiting, and State tourism together to share and build on attraction techniques

Responsive Delaware -  Encourage Public Education to develop and prepare trained workforce specific graduates to contribute to the economic development effort.


DE Tech Hub - Create increased working relationship of higher education and businesses around technology. Institutionalize student through loan repayment and job placement.

Cross Governmental Mentoring -  Gov and businesses face significant loss of experience and knowledge with baby boomers retirement. Younger workers want more supportive work environments; state and local gov’t should partner with state and local chambers of commerce to design and advertise as a recruiting and retention tools – mentoring programs.


Delaware Software Lab - To create a critical mass for early stage software companies & talent in Wilmington, we’re launching Delaware Software Lab.

Hatch House Ventures (HHV) @ Wilmington  - HHV is a network of pre-accelerators for recent graduates, acting as the bridge between HigherED and later stage support organizations for entrepreneurs.

2,000 jobs in 7 Years -  Create a public/private partnership to create 2,000 jobs over the next 7 years in the City of Wilmington for the unemployed or “unemployable”.


Accelerator - Local innovation ecosystems are expanding, and startup accelerators help to launch and scale entrepreneurs.

Student Loan Incentive - Attract Professionals to Wilmington by offering to pay, through a private/public partnership, a portion (say 25%) of their outstanding graduate school loans over five years, if they relocate to Wilmington

Cancer Research/Moonshot -  Create a Delaware Cancer Research and Innovation Enterprise District.


Healing the Body Through the Mind – A Holistic Healthcare Approach - Differentiate Delaware as the leader in healthcare services by integrating traditional medical treatments (the body) with advanced psychotherapy and mental health approaches (the mind).

Wings then Roots – Wings then Roots: a major effort to engage hundreds of Delaware employers, business, nonprofit and government leaders, who commit formally to become mentors, and hopefully to offer internship(s).  Let’s give top UD students a look at, a taste for, comfort with the real Delaware.


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