2016 Reinventing Delaware Ideas

Public Relations

Innovation Catalyst Survey for Delaware - A comprehensive mapping of the innovation pipeline facing all Delaware companies (big and small).

Produce a film series in Wilmington - Recruit the film industry to work in Delaware

Produce a Feature Film (or series) in Wilmington - Delaware has never been depicted in popular culture, outside of microseconds and the one film that was ever produced here (over 30 years ago) is still fondly remembered and talked about today. And it really didn’t even depict Delaware.

History Trail - Establish an “Underground Railroad” historical trail in Delaware.

Little Actions Make Big Impacts - Let’s incentivize Mentoring, Volunteering, and Teaching. Paid time off. 8 hrs per week mandatory.

Attracting Young Talent to Wilmington  - A marketing campaign focused on young professionals to visit, work, and stay in urban areas of Delaware.

City of Wilmington RE-Branding Campaign  - The City needs to hire a strong agency to develop a branding and marketing campaign that can leverage these assets, coordinate their marketing, bring people downtown and change our negative image


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