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HBCU Day Of Giving

The HBCU Day of Giving Program is an annual fundraising and marketing campaign designed to ensure the financial sustainability and continued success of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), which have played an essential role in advancing educational access, economic mobility, cultural enrichment, and social justice. The program was developed by Connie Cochran, an HBCU alum with 25 years of experience in alumni relations at Texas Southern University (TSU). In February 2024, a pilot campaign was conducted at TSU, engaging the school’s community and alumni through social media, and the program was met with an overwhelming response. To implement and manage the HBCU Day of Giving Program in subsequent years, a nonprofit organization will be established in the early summer of 2024.

Strategic Industry Guidance Network for Academic Learning (SIGNAL)

The Strategic Industry Guidance Network for Academic Learning (SIGNAL) was developed by Dr. D’Wayne Edwards, President of Pensole Lewis College of Business and Design in Detroit, as an initiative to better prepare students with the skills, networks, and knowledge to succeed in their chosen field. Known as a leading expert on diversity in design, Dr. Edwards has identified a critical issue: many HBCU students lack access to industry professionals and curricula aligned with industry standards. To address this, Pensole’s Signal Institute will immerse professors in industry-aligned training, providing year-round coaching and support from Pensole’s leadership. Beginning in the summer of 2024, Pensole is slated to welcome its first cohort of educators.

Future Nurses

Dr. Manju Bhat, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Business, and Education at Winston Salem State University, has proposed a comprehensive program to address low retention rates among pre-nursing students, particularly BIPOC and low-income students. Observing that current pre-nursing to nursing pathways unintentionally disadvantage students of color, Dr. Bhat’s initiative includes a boot camp-style summer institute and a year-round Undergraduate Learning Assistant (ULA) system. By aligning curriculum and support with student needs, Future Nurses seeks to create a more equitable pathway for aspiring nursing students—incorporating near-peer mentorship, targeted online modules, and improved advisory and teaching practices.

Dr. Von Homer- Human Movement Institute

The Human Movement Institute is a groundbreaking initiative developed by Dr. Von Homer, Assistant Professor of Public & Allied Health Sciences at Delaware State University. The program’s goal is to connect companies and business leaders with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) at HBCUs fostering a mutually beneficial, collaborative environment. This approach also addresses the current gap in HBCUs’ ability to access large-scale grants and investments by leveraging academic expertise to support industry needs in product development. A pilot project with KURU Footwear demonstrated the potential of this model, providing valuable insights and recommendations for the company going forward.

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