PETE DU PONT 1935 - 2021

Our foundation’s mission

The Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation, founded in 2003, identifies and brings to life bold and innovative ideas that create jobs and make Delaware a better place to live, work and raise a family. The foundation is committed to carrying out the legacy of former Governor Pete du Pont by focusing on business and nonprofit opportunities to improve Delaware.

About Pete du Pont

Pete du Pont possessed clear vision, buoyant enthusiasm and a fascination for innovative approaches to old problems. Whether pushing for lower and fairer taxes, more effective government spending, greater choice in education, or eliminating the stifling impact of overly burdensome regulation, Pete worked to empower individuals, families, and businesses. He believed decisions, to the extent possible, should be made in offices, shop floors, classrooms, and around kitchen tables.

Upcoming Events

Reinventing Delaware 2021 Event – Early 2021
2021 Pete du Pont Charity Golf Outing – August 30, 2021 at DuPont Country Club
2021 Pete du Pont Freedom Award – September 2021
Reinventing Delaware 2022 Event – November 2021

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