Share your hard-earned expertise with the next generation of entrepreneurs and emerging business leaders by becoming a PDFF entrepreneurial champion. You get the satisfaction of giving back, plus it elevates your credibility, expands your business network, and strengthens the local and regional economy.

Mentorship is part of every service plan for participants in the Equitable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (E3). You will guide decision-making, support their networking, and offer first-hand experience and leadership to help our entrepreneurs polish their skills and expand their businesses. 

You can choose the entrepreneur you want to coach. We ask for a minimum commitment of two hours per month for six months. The two hours include at least one hour of direct engagement (phone, email, in-person) and one hour of offline support (reviewing proposals, etc.). 

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In the meantime, check out our E3 Entrepreneurial Championship videos on our YouTube channel, where we’ve featured: There du Pont with Markevis Gideon, Founder of NERDiT Now, Chris Buccini with Ivan Thomas, Founder of DETV, Paul McConnell with Mac Maccleod, Chief Executive Officer of Carvertise, and Ben du Pont with Desa Burton, Executive Director of Zip Code Wilmington.

There du Pont & Markevis Gideon

Paul McConnell & Mac Maccleod

Ben du Pont & Desa Burton