We are pleased to introduce Theo Nix, Jr., CEO of DWS Drone School as one of our 2022 Reinventing Delaware Finalists.

The following interview provides additional information about Mr. Nix and his business, DWS Drone School.

Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation (PDFF): Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

Theo: I have been an entrepreneur since 1982. I wanted to control my own destiny, be the master of my fate and make a transformational, substantive, and generational difference in the lives of people I help and work with while contributing towards a more inclusive society and the betterment of mankind and make money in the process.

PDFF: What difference will your business make in the community or the world?

Theo: By providing teaching and training in drone and virtual reality technologies and their various applications through our technology school, (dwsdroneschool.com) and job and entrepreneurship opportunities through our employment company, (droneworkforcesolutions.com), we will create meaningful and high-paying technology jobs, especially for our veterans, (the only drone and Virtual Reality technology school approved by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs), and our teens and youth, especially our urban and rural youth (16 to 26 years of age), while using these technologies to help society and industries by showing how to do things more efficiently, safely, and cheaper.

PDFF: How are you planning to achieve your business’ purpose?

Theo: We have been approved to operate drone and virtual reality training schools by the state Departments of Education in Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Tennessee and Illinois, and 2 schools in Kenya, Africa, and by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and by collaborating with employers who could benefit from these technologies, and community-based organizations interested in training and educating their constituents.

PDFF: In what ways will your business benefit Delaware?

Theo: DWS wants to create a national technology training and employment hub in Delaware providing training and job opportunities in Delaware, nationally and internationally, in these technologies, to our teens and youth, and especially our urban and rural teens and youth, to exchange guns for drones, to help reduce the wage gap by creating meaningful technology jobs, while making a substantive difference in the community and the rest of the country and world in general. There’s nothing like this vision in the country right now.

PDFF: How would you describe your business in a 30-second pitch?

Theo: DWS is a national technology company that provides training in drone and virtual reality technologies and their various applications through our technology school,  (dwsdroneschool.com) and job and entrepreneurship opportunities through our employment and staffing company, (droneworkforcesolutions.com) creating substantive, meaningful and high-paying technology jobs.

PDFF: Who has influenced your business perspective or philosophy?

Theo: I have had the privilege of working as an attorney for three-billion-dollar companies and how they looked at the world. 1. Bechtel Corporation- the world-wide leader in global construction management. 2. O’Neil Properties Group- a national leader in reclaiming toxic properties and building commercial, residential, and mixed -use high-end properties. 3. Dupont Corporation- a global leader Fortune 500 company which taught about the benefits of collaboration with other companies, and stakeholders around the world to forge a better world.

PDFF: What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur?


1. What’s in your heart? What’s your passion?

2. Research! Research! Research on what you want to do.

3. Do you have: time, heart, vision, money, competition?

4. Does your Business:

  • Fulfill a need?
  • Solve a problem?
  • Offer a service or product people want or need?

5.  Do you have Dogged Determination: Faith, Discipline, Courage, Perseverance, Patience

Never give up mentality. Dig down deep within yourself. Ask “how bad do you want it and what price are you willing to pay”?

Learn more about Theo and DWS Drone School: