Delaware will continuously reinvent itself to become a better place for people to live, work, and raise a family. Our organization is committed to carrying out the legacy of Governor Pete du Pont by focusing on the opportunities for success in Delaware.


"We need people who have bold vision that shows where America needs to be going and how we can get from where we are to those places." - Governor Pete du Pont


We bring together thought leaders and doers to identify bold ideas, connect resources, and collectively engage in supporting the vision for making Delaware a better place.



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Pete du Pont has excelled in so many different roles – lawyer, legislator, Governor,  statesman, columnist, engineer, yachtsman, even painter – that, in a short space, one can only focus on the essential quality revealed in everything that he has touched – a drive toward a better future through "bold ideas and bold action".  Coming from a family defined by serial innovators whose enterprise has given the world bar-setting products, Pete has displayed a fascination for innovation and celebrated those who face risk as entrepreneurs, deploying disruptive technology.   


Much of Pete’s public life – state legislator, member of Congress, Governor, Presidential candidate, commentator and columnist – was spent pushing government to foster, rather than frustrate, our economy’s drive to think and act boldly, realizing that, with each new advance, jobs can grow and prosperity be shared more broadly.  And so, in order to keep state government from retarding economic growth, Governor du Pont lead the effort to lower taxes and restrain government’s appetite for ever-increasing spending. These changes, envied by other states, continue to benefit Delaware and keep it on a sound financial footing.  Most importantly, Pete’s appreciation for a healthy economy, coupled with clever amendments to laws governing the financial services industry, led to a quarter century of job growth and prosperity for Delaware. 

The Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation celebrates Pete’s faith in private sector growth in two ways:

• Each year, the Foundation honors an individual who has excelled as an entrepreneur by igniting economic development, making a significant impact on society, or bringing innovation to our private sector.   

• The Foundation also holds the Reinventing Delaware event – which invites each participant to propose a bold for-profit or nonprofit idea that creates jobs to make Delaware a better place to live, work, and raise a family. Through Reinventing Delaware, the Foundation cultivates and facilitates a process to empower those who have a vision for the Delaware of tomorrow.

In these ways, the Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation pays homage to Pete du Pont’s vision for a better future through bold ideas, job creation, and bold action. 



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Zip Code Wilmington

Zip Code Wilmington has grown into a 90-day coding bootcamp that puts its students on the fast track into paid apprenticeships. The outcomes have shown that ninety-three percent of its graduates get high paying jobs within three months of graduation and ninety-six percent within six months of graduation.

In August 2016, Zip Code Wilmington was nationally recognized in the U.S. Department of Education program called Educational Quality through Innovative Partnerships (EQUIP). 



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