As the 2023 Reinventing Delaware process nears completion, we’re spotlighting the top four ideas. This week’s featured finalist is an idea from Andrew Cottone – Clean Hydrogen.

The following interview provides additional information about Clean Hydrogen:

PDFF: How would you describe your idea in a 30-second pitch?

Andrew: Delaware is perfectly situated to lead profitable green energy independence for the USA deep into the 21st and 22nd centuries. We are centrally located on the mid-Atlantic coast, with access to a port and major roads of transportation. Delaware is the lowest-lying state in the nation, with plentiful rainfall and plentiful access to water (the source of the Green hydrogen). Delaware should build the first 60MW electrolyzer plant in the nation in partnership with an energy company, state, and federal leaders. Ultimately, Delaware can move to transition all three counties to green Hydrogen energy.

PDFF: In what ways will your idea benefit Delaware?

Andrew: Delaware can become the -profitable- green energy leader in the USA and be a “city on a hill” for other states to follow in the Public-partnership 21st century energy model for green energy.

PDFF: What difference will your idea make in the community or the world?

Andrew: The world requires energy to function. Currently, the by-product of most energy production are pollution and greenhouse gases leading to global warming. Green hydrogen presents an opportunity to not compromise on energy efficient and cost with the added benefit of being renewable and clean (the only by product is water). Ultimately, smaller, portable electroyler equipment could bring energy to previously unserved populations of the world.

PDFF: How are you planning to achieve your idea’s purpose?

Andrew: I plan to work with the PDFF to draw up a plan to build a hydrogen production plant. And take that idea/concept and join with the MidAtlantic Hydrogen-Hub. It will be important for Delaware to have a big voice at the table.

PDFF: Will you or someone other than yourself champion this idea should it continue to move forward, and why? If applicable, who else is on your team?

Andrew: During this process, we have learned that there is initial momentum in the hydrogen space. The key, in my mind, is to locate the production site in DE. Our proposal is to join in with the MidAtlantic H2 Hub. If I am needed to provide a scientific voice and driving force for Delaware, I will do so.

PDFF: What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur?

Andrew: Burn the ships. I have seen so many ideas fail, not because they were bad. But because of entrepreneurs who were too afraid to commit. Get your best idea, believe in yourself, and go all in with talent, effort, and a strong team around you.

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