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Equitable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

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The Equitable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (E3) powered by Barclays US Consumer Bank, our anchor funder, is a program designed to leverage the expertise and experience available in Delaware’s private and public sectors to grow opportunities for businesses and related employment.  Specifically, E3 complements the Foundation’s Reinventing Delaware program by establishing teams of organizations willing to step up as ecosystem partners to support ideas from conception to launch and beyond.

E3 ecosystems implement a process that continually feeds entrepreneurs into pipelines that provide access to necessary resources and connections to accelerate the launch or growth of their businesses. Identified efforts/ideas/businesses will receive a comprehensive needs assessment and, if selected for full support, will receive a customized acceleration plan. Some may need to begin with coaching and guidance in business planning, marketing, and promotion. Once established milestones in those areas have been achieved, additional assistance in planning, acquiring, and employing the necessary information technology infrastructure as well as optimizing space planning (virtual offices, co-working space, or dedicated offices) would be provided. Finally, when appropriate, the E3 ecosystems will help increase access to funding opportunities.

E3 will look at conceptual opportunities (ideas with potential that warrant additional research), development opportunities (ideas in place or where there is a strong market potential), existing business opportunities (where the initiative needs guidance to reach the next step), and expansion opportunities (where an existing initiative is ready to scale up) in order to help businesses at various stages.  

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