The Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation is proud to support the business owners that make up our exciting E3 ecosystem.

  • 24 HR Truck Services

    Technology, Transportation

    Aaron Swan, Founder/Owner

    24 HR Truck Services streamlines roadside assistance for drivers by centralizing mechanics, providing 24/7 access, and automating emergency support, boosting reliability, cutting costs, and connecting fleets directly with technicians.

  • 6AM Run

    Fitness, Nutrition, Retail

    Hami Mahani, Founder/Owner

    6 AM Run, LLC. is a sports nutrition company focusing on runner's nutrition. 6AM Run believes in improving everyone's physical ability to not only have motion, but STAY IN MOTION. All this while creating an amazing supportive, surrounding community

  • Ag Insight Scouting


    Nichole Krambeck, Founder/Owner

    Ag Insight Scouting supports farms by analyzing infield data and crafting strategic plans to protect crops from pests, diseases, and nutrient imbalances. Their expertise cultivates resilience, ensuring the vitality of agricultural landscapes.

  • Art Fitness

    Fitness, Healthcare, Service Industry

    Alisa Rose, Founder/Owner

    Art Fitness offers coaching programs encompassing functional fitness, nutrition guidance, and tailored support to achieve and maintain wellness. Their approach integrates essential nutrition into your lifestyle for sustainable health.

  • Beachin Bash

    Service Industry

    Jim Kirlin, Founder/Owner

    Beachin Bash offers a wide array of services, ranging from catering to luxury beach/home picnics, bonfires, decor, chef experiences, pop-up events, charcuterie boards, and VIP concierge hosting services.

  • Bee You Hair Studio

    Service Industry

    Brittany Rodriquez, Owner

    Brittany is a hairstylist based in Delaware, focusing on curly hair. She offers tailored in-salon and between-appointment experiences to accommodate busy woman struggling to maintain a hair routine.

  • Best Music Coach LLC

    Education, Service Industry

    Daniel Spencer, Founder/Owner

    Best Music Coach provides real-time virtual music lessons through method books and customized sheet music aimed at teaching students how to play songs they know and love.

  • Biospection

    Bioscience, Technology

    Anthony Ragone, Founder/Owner

    Biospection is a biotech measurement science and technology company that supports increased understanding and performance for crops and other bioprocesses through novel biophontonic measurement systems.

  • Blue Rock Financial


    Todd Roselle, President/Founder

    Blue Rock Financial offers a holistic approach to wealth management, connecting your current financial landscape with your future goals. From asset management, estate planning, business retirement plans, and more, they do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

  • Books & Bagels


    Ellen Cappard, Founder/Owner

    Books & Bagels is your local neighborhood bookstore, showcasing books and highlighting local brands, serving as a flagship destination for book lovers. It offers a welcoming print-rich environment for readers of all ages, hosting intimate creative events to introduce new authors and unite Wilmington's artistic community.

  • Breathe Clean

    Commercial and Residential

    Samar Kargbo, Founder/Owner

    Breathe Clean specializes in air cleaning services for buildings, providing air purification, disinfection, and odor removal solutions. Their expertise ensures cleaner and healthier indoor environments for all occupants.

  • Candy Connections


    Daneya & Anthony Jacobs, Founders/Owners

    Candy Connections crafts whimsical cotton candy with nostalgic flavors and a modern twist, offering an unmatched confectionary experience. Each fluffy cloud of sweetness is a delightful blend of childhood memories and innovative flavors, making it irresistible for all ages.

  • Chinwe Solutions


    Chonnie Blair, Founder/Owner

    Chinwe Solutions empowers leaders in nonprofits, small businesses, and education to enhance credibility and impact through people development and process improvement. We're dedicated to delivering tangible outcomes that elevate client success and influence.

  • Coffee Rendezbrew


    Wanda Guyton, Founder/Owner

    At Coffee Rendezbrew, they're passionate about forging connections through freshly roasted coffee and unforgettable moments. With unique drinks like "Beach Blends" and fun flavored sugars, Wanda Guyton aims to transform your morning routine, ensuring the journey from roaster to doorstep is as swift as possible.

  • DL Morehead Financial Services

    Service Industry

    Derek Morehead, Founder/Owner

    DL Morehead Financial & Tax Service steps into any role required and provides comprehensive assistance in understanding business needs. Their aim is to educate and instill confidence in clients to make informed decisions, serving as the ultimate problem-solving solution for businesses.

  • Dubard Enterprise


    Dubard McGriff, Founder/Owner

    Dubard Enterprises specializes in social impact consulting, aiming to benefit the community by facilitating connections between government, service providers, schools, and at-risk youth. Their goal is to raise awareness and educate Wilmington's communities about the environmental diversity of the city and state.

  • Dynamic Devotion

    Fitness, Non Profit

    Brandon Munn, Founder/Owner

    Dynamic Devotion is committed to enhancing both physical and spiritual well-being, offering tailored programs such as youth fitness and sports performance. With a clear vision and diverse offerings, they aim to serve clients' needs effectively.

  • E&S Morales Brothers

    Contracting, Service Industry

    Edilmar & Sergio Morales, Founders/Owners

    E&S Morales Brothers is a non-union, primarily residential, general contractor specializing in remodeling, carpentry services, deck and patio services and handyman services.

  • Echevarria Law Firm


    Laneyscha Echevarria, Founder/Owner

    L. Echevarria Attorneys at Law are trusted legal partner for your real estate, corporate governance, and contracts. Our firm is committed to providing our clients with high-quality, professional legal services that empower them to take control of their futures.

  • Elite Consulting Solutions


    Carole Issac, Founder/Owner

  • Essential Industries


    Benjamin Wagner, Founder/Owner

    Essential Industries is a boutique consulting firm specializing in individual and organizational strategy, transformation, communication, and collaboration. Essential Industries offers tailored solutions to drive success in today's dynamic business landscape.

  • First State Destinations

    Service Industry

    Alexis Harris, Founder

    A Delaware-based lifestyle, travel, and entertainment Content Creator and Influencer. I use my platform(s) to educate, spark confidence, and inspire the community through sharing real life experiences and recommendations in a creative way on social media!

  • First State Hood and Duct

    Service Industry

    Erica Dorsett & Clarence Dorsett, Founders/Owners

    First State Hood and Duct is a licensed, certified and insured award winning compliance expert that offers hood cleaning, fan maintenance, deep cleaning and fire suppression services.

  • Funding Fuel


    Pedro Moore, Founder/Owner

    Funding Fuel democratizes small business ownership by providing retail investors access to franchise investments with minimal capital through a SEC-approved platform, boosting net worth and creating additional income streams for underserved communities.

  • GR Consulting


    Gretchen Rickards, Founder/Owner

    GR Consulting provides tailored coaching for high-achieving professionals, empowering them to thrive in changing environments and lead with confidence. Through personalized coaching and focused leadership strategies, Gretchen Rickards transforms transitions into opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

  • Heir Unlimited LLC

    Service Industry

    Betzaida Orengo, Founder/Owner

    Heir Unlimited LLC, a marketing agency, aims for excellence in the industry, driven by integrity, innovation, solidarity, and cultural awareness. Specializing in tailored marketing solutions, they serve small and medium-sized enterprises with unparalleled commitment.

  • HX Innovations

    Bioscience, Healthcare, Service Industry, Technology

    Dr. Von Homer, Founder/Owner

    Hx Innovations provides personalized solutions to prevent injuries, leveraging camera technology and movement analytics to assess muscle activity, physical performance, and knee injury risk. Their expertise in ergonomics testing and biotechnology ensures effective safeguards against injury.

  • Jamaican Cultural & Heritage Museum

    Non Profit

    Judy Malcolm, Founder

    The Jamaican Cultural & Heritage Museum aims to highlight Jamaica's vibrant culture and global influence, allowing for unity within the community.

  • Keep It Klean

    Service Industry

    Michael DiNardo, Owner

    Keep it Klean offers comprehensive cleaning services for homes and businesses, distinguishing itself by providing specialized services beyond traditional cleaning companies, including woodwork, doors, and thorough vertical and horizontal cleans.

  • Kreated by Kash

    Service Industry

    Kashera Booker, Founder

    Balloon Artist

  • Local Journalism Initiative

    Journalism, Non Profit

    Allison Taylor Levine, Founder/Owner

    The Local Journalism Initiative in Delaware empowers communities through quality independent reporting, ensuring government oversight, community information sharing, amplifying underrepresented voices, and fostering deeper neighbor understanding despite challenges in the traditional model.

  • Love School Counseling

    Service Industry

    Lisa Scott Hayes, Founder/Owner

    Love School Counseling Café offers personal consultations and advisement to help students discover and achieve their unique educational and career goals.

  • Maven Virtual Assistant

    Service Industry

    Shannon Saunders-Gray, Founder/Owner

    Maven Virtual Assistant offers administrative support, customer service, and project management, providing tailored solutions to streamline your workload and elevate your business. They're here to empower you to focus on what matters most while ensuring smooth operations and client satisfaction.

  • Mountaineer Logistics

    Service Industry, Transportation

    Khary DeWitt, Founder/Owner

    Mountaineer Logistics is a Delaware-based transportation company committed to environmentally and socially conscious solutions. They provide customized transportation services and prioritize hiring from our community.

  • Mullins Professional Group


    Julia Mullins, Founder/Owner

    Mullins Professional Group are the trusted advisors helping companies to adopt inclusive leadership practices that drive employee engagement and retention. With one-on-one executive coaching, team building workshops and more, they are bound to have a service that will improve business efforts.

  • My Real Estate Store

    Real Estate, Service Industry

    Nicole & D'wayne Geames, Founders/Owners

    With integrity and expertise My Real Estate Store delivers world-class personal service while helping our clients get great value for their homes, and real estate investments while supporting our families and our community.

  • NadjNJea


    Jea Street Jr & Nadj Pennington, Founders

    Nadj N Jea is the vibrant hub of multi-media entertainment, with its lively talk show taking center stage. Check them out for an exhilarating journey through captivating conversations and engaging content!

  • New Level Staffing

    Service Industry

    Chanel Edwards, Founder/Owner

    New Level Staffing is dedicated to helping you secure your dream job by providing tailored services and resources that ease the intimidating interview process. They strategically match qualified applicants to enhance organizational performance and advance career paths.

  • New Life Landscaping

    Service Industry

    Ricardo & Isana Ventura, Founders/Owners

    At New Life Landscaping, clients experience a transformation by a team of landscaping professionals. From lush mowing and vibrant sod installation to captivating design, mulching, irrigation, pavers, and even snow removal, New Life Landscaping turns outdoor spaces into paradises clients love coming home to.

  • One Way Insurance

    Insurance, Service Industry

    Gertha & Ebens Jean, Founders/Owners

    At One Way Insurance Group is community driven, offering high-quality insurance products at affordable prices. As partners in risk management, they proactively identify potential risks and develop customized strategies to protect assets and secure futures, ensuring peace of mind in all areas of life.

  • Pink Electrical

    Service Industry

    Kathy & Joe Collison, Founders

    Pink Electrical is a premier contracting service provider specializing in both commercial and residential electrical services! Whether individuals are lighting up their dream homes or powering up their businesses, Pink Electrical is dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions tailored to their needs.

  • Project Solved


    Kristen Isaac, Founder/Owner

    Project Solved offers organizational change management services to help organizations effectively navigate the impact of new programs, processes, and initiatives. Their expertise ensures smooth transitions and maximizes the success of organizational changes.

  • Repetto Writing Solutions

    Financial, Service Industry

    William Repetto, Founder

    Repetto Writing Solutions specializes in technical and professional communication. Repetto's passion lie in aiding entrepreneurs in Delaware with their written tasks, particularly in grant writing, to enhance their confidence and contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Resilient Kids Child & Family Therapy

    Service Industry

    Marissa Lloyd, Founder/Owner

    Resilient Kids provides comprehensive therapy services, specializing in trauma, anxiety, and depression treatment for children and teens. Their tailored approach includes in-office sessions, group therapy, online sessions, eco-therapy, in-home services, and equine-assisted psychotherapy, ensuring effective emotional management for all ages.

  • Revolve Staffing & Training

    Service Industry

    Ken Graves & Ron Hargrove, Founders

    Revolve Staffing & Training is a full service staffing agency with an in-house training program, that focuses on the growth of good citizens and a true passion for the re-entry and second chance community.

  • Roundtable Life Skills


    Dr. Natasha Knight, Founder/Owner

    Round Table Life Skills offers comprehensive services, including money management, soft skills development, life coaching, and anger management, tailored to individuals at any stage of life. Their diverse programs empower clients to navigate life's challenges and achieve personal growth and success.

  • Run DNA


    Douglas Adams, Founder/Owner

    Certified running gait analyst also specializing in 3D motion analysis for runners and developer a program that provides personalized exercise programs and workouts that runners need to get results.

  • Salted Vines Vineyard

    Hospitality, Retail

    Adrian Mobilia, Founder/Owner

    At Salted Vines Vineyard & Winery, they boast a diverse selection of wines, ranging from dry to sweet, available in red, white, and blush varieties. With a menu typically featuring ten to fourteen different options at any given time, there's a wine to suit every palate!

  • Stinson Medical Services


    Tammy Stinson, Founder/Owner

    Stinson Medical is a nurse-owned and operated clinical laboratory established with the primary mission of transforming the quality of health services and closing access gaps. They offer COVID-19 testing, CPR training and certification, and a weight loss program.

  • Stripez Truck Stop


    Charlene Poe, Founder/Owner

    Learning of the state's scant 337 commercial truck parking spaces, Stripez Truck Stop's founder was inspired to expand capacity, create 85 jobs, and position Delaware as a hub for alternative fuels and EV charging, all with a commitment to sustainability.

  • Survivor Ventures

    Non Profit

    Tiffany McGee, Founder/Owner

    Survivor Ventures offers trauma-informed employment solutions to break the cycle of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, empowering individuals and reducing recidivism rates. Their critical programs for economic empowerment aim to break the cycle of vulnerability and homelessness.

  • The Trash Porters

    Service Industry

    Christopher Boozer, Founder/Owner

    The Trash Porters is a standout locally-owned waste management firm, prioritizing accountability and meaningful service. Their prompt and reliable waste collection ensures efficient disposal, reflecting our genuine care for the community and clients with their mission statement: "Respect starts with trash."

  • ViaDel Consulting


    David Kubacki, Founder/Owner

    Strategic planning and team strength building consultant using LEGO serious play methods. ViaDel seeks to offer top-quality expertise in a limited-engagement to improve the processes and mechanisms that make your business and team work.

  • Walkthrough

    Financial, Technology

    Ben Bartolome, Founder/Owner

    Walkthrough is a Registered Investment Advisor that gives straightforward financial advice as they help you find the next best step in your financial journey, while actually teaching you why what you're doing is important, and giving you all the tools you need to take action.

  • Win Win Coffee


    Nikishia Bailey, Founder/Owner

    Win Win Coffee is revolutionizing the coffee world with a celebration of the vibrant African diaspora. They're redefining the global coffee experience, channeling revenue back to enrich the traditions and futures of black coffee communities.

  • Zodiac Intentions


    Elena Young, Founder/Owner

    Zodiac Intentions offers tie-dye, handmade jewelry, other crafts, and tattooing. They prioritize using profits to create clothing for donation to communities in need in Delaware and offering free cover-up tattoos for victims of human trafficking and organized crime to prevent re-victimization.