The E3 Pilot

The Wilmington E3 pilot, under the leadership of the Wilmington Alliance, is off to a great start, and has affirmed the initial optimism of the Alliance and the Foundation when joining together.

Wilmington launched with its initial entrepreneurs listed below:

  • NERDiT Now, a mobile device repair company
  • Kpelle Designs, a hand-crafted jewelry and hair accessory design company
  • Spekciton Biosciences, a biotech company measuring the health of indoor crops

See the press release “Three Businesses Selected”

Early Success & interest

The program has already been garnering interest across the the area, with the City of Wilmington, Mayor Mike Purzycki, and City Council announcing they are joining with the Foundation, the Wilmington Alliance, and the National League of Cities to push the E3 initiatives

Join the E3 Initiative

If interested in learning more about the E3 program, applying for consideration, or volunteering to be a partners, please contact the Foundation at [email protected]