Hx Innovations Inc.® joined PDFF’s Equitable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (E3) in 2021. Through E3, the biotechnology startup received an in-kind grant to work with PDFF consultants IA Business Advisors and Blue Blaze Associates to help accelerate their business.

“I cannot go without mentioning the value the E3 program has added to Hx Innovations thus far. Our experience with E3 has been less about the pitch and visual presentation, but more about the thought processes, internal tactics and implementation of the same. This patient process has empowered and challenged us to take a holistic approach in the development of our company,” said Nicole Homer, Hx Innovations co-founder.

Hx Innovations is a Delaware Startup 302 winner and Technical.ly Delaware’s 2021 Startup Business of the Year. On March 29, Homer announced the grand opening of Hx Innovation’s sports science station at the Chase Fieldhouse in Wilmington.

“Launching our station here gives Hx an opportunity to impact the overall health and performance safety of over 350,000 athletes who train, compete and are recruited within the facility,” she said.

Hx’s neuromuscular technology lets coaches and trainers collect human movement data using a portable, wireless camera. This data helps trainers track and manage performance and improve return-to-play plans for optimal player health and safety. Shoe and materials companies use Hx’s testing and Homer Technique to hone the endurance, fit and human performance design of footwear and insoles.

Dr. Von Homer, Hx Innovations co-founder and chief scientist, knows from experience that trainers and coaches need more data-driven injury-prevention measures to keep players safe and protect against broken bones, sprains, strains and joint injuries. Inspired by his football-related leg injury and recovery in college, computational neuroscientist and biomechanist Dr. Von Homer, PhD, AEP, BOCPD, sought to research and understand the body on all levels — starting with the feet.

His research led him to develop the Homer Technique, a neuromuscular evaluation to determine one’s probability for lower extremity injury.

Hx Innovations has received funding from the National Science Foundation, the Small Business Innovation and Research award as well as the Delaware Technical and Innovation Program to further the research, testing and delivery of Dr. Homer’s movement technology to prevent injuries.

Learn more about Hx Innovations: hxinnovationsinc.com.