HBCU Innovative Solutions Phase One Intake Form 2024

Congratulations for being selected for phase one of the HBCU Innovative Solutions program! The following questions will help us capture more information about you and your idea to prepare us for the first phase of the program. During the first phase, our team will work with you to unpack your idea, bring clarity to your vision, identify the resources needed, and develop a strategic action plan to launch your idea. This takes place through a dynamic consulting session that will last roughly 3 hours. The 3 -hour session will be held virtually through Zoom. We will work with you to coordinate your session for a date within the next few weeks. Answers will be kept internal. Please answer truthfully.

List any additional team member(s). Include emails and indicate if you plan to include them in the sessions moving forward. Type NA if not applicable.
Do you have a business plan for this idea?(Required)
Industry (Select the answer that best applies)(Required)
What areas will benefit from your idea?(Required)
Status of your idea (select all that apply)(Required)
Is your idea already launched?(Required)
What is your business structure? (If applicable)

PDFF aims to be welcoming and inclusive. The first step to inclusivity is data collection. Some of the questions asked within this section are required for data collection purposes only and will not affect your eligibility to move forward.

Is this your first entrepreneurial endeavor?
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