HBCU Innovative Solutions Session RSVP – June 30, 2024

The purpose of this form is to capture your bold, innovative idea for consideration in the Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation’s HBCU Innovative Solutions Program. Ideas can be conceptual and should revolve around the following areas of focus: 1. Capacity building of HBCUs: Preparing students for careers of the future 2. HBCUS as social justice change agents 3. Increasing student engagement and retention 4. Engagement of alumni, both financially and operationally 5. Transforming, sustainability and growth of HBCUs Up to ten ideas will be selected for this program. The idea holder(s) will receive up to $20,000 worth of consulting to develop their idea(s) through a proven, structured scoping and development process. At the end of this process, one idea will receive a $10,000 grant to bring their concept to life and/or move it forward. For assistance, email [email protected].

List the organization you are representing, if applicable.
Which area is your idea focused in?(Required)
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Commitment: If your idea is ultimately selected, are you, or someone from your team, able to commit the time and energy to champion the idea through a three to six month development process?(Required)
Your answer will not preclude your participation or your idea from being selected.