Ideas span from bridging market gaps in federal funding to addressing mental health inequities and boosting Delaware’s artist and creative economy. 

WILMINGTON, Del. (January 22, 2024) – The Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation (PDFF) is thrilled to unveil the three ideas moving forward to the second phase of Reinventing Delaware 2024. The finalists will work closely with PDFF and Social Contract, a business consulting firm, over the next few months to receive a comprehensive suite of technical assistance, valued at over $20,000 in capacity-building and consulting support. 

“The structure at which an idea is developed and brought to fruition in six months, that’s something that probably took me six years,” says Andrew Cottone, CEO of Adesis and champion of last year’s top idea: First State Hydrogen. 

Through a rigorous selection process, Kerriann Otaño, William Repetto, and Laura Randa emerged as finalists, each with a unique proposal vying for Top Idea of the Year. The overall winner will be announced this June and will take home a cash prize, in addition to the in-kind consulting support, to propel their idea forward. 

Otaño, VP of Engagement at OperaDelaware, envisions solidifying Delaware as an engine of growth for the opera industry. Her proposal focuses on creating an artist hub to attract more creatives to Delaware. Repetto, CEO of Repetto Writing Solutions and graduate liaison for grant facilitation and English program development at University of Delaware, aims to increase federal grant funding for Delaware companies, mobilizing efforts within the state. Randa, CEO and Chair of Toivoa, focuses on expanding digital therapy to address mental health inequities for people with disabilities.

Reinventing Delaware 2024 is proudly sponsored by Barclays, Discover Bank, HORN Entrepreneurship University of Delaware, and Wilmington University. Their support goes beyond the annual dinner, playing a vital role in underwriting the dynamic idea development process. Sponsorship opportunities for the 10th Annual Reinventing Delaware Dinner and the 2025 program are now open. For more information, contact Stephanie Johnnie at [email protected].