We are pleased to introduce Adam Stager, TRIC Robotics as one of our 2022 Reinventing Delaware Finalists.

The following interview provides additional information about Mr. Stager and his business, TRIC Robotics.

Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation (PDFF): Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

Adam: I realized that most of the things that we use today were made by people just like me. As a human we can decide what the future looks like and as an entrepreneur you can work on whatever makes you the most excited.

PDFF: What difference will your business make in the community or the world?

Adam: In the past, chemicals were a necessary tool needed to feed the world’s population, but today there are better ways of farming. Using sustainable innovation, we can solve many of the problems farmers face and provide people with better, healthier food. It is our goal is to start by dramatically reducing the amount of chemicals used on the farm.

PDFF: How are you planning to achieve your business’ purpose?

Adam: We are directly replacing chemical pesticides using light. The solution is delivered by an autonomous robot which will act as a platform that we can do much more with once it is on the farm.

PDFF: In what ways will your business benefit Delaware?

Adam: Delaware is geographically positioned to supply food to most of the population centers in the country, but its climate makes high value crops like strawberries difficult to grow. In the past thousands of acres of strawberries were grown in Delaware, but today just over one hundred acres are farmed. Using ultraviolet light, we hope to bring strawberries back to Delaware, giving the community fresher food with fewer chemicals and helping farmers make more profit per acre with less risk.

PDFF: How would you describe your business in a 30-second pitch?

Adam: TRIC Robotics is helping farmers control pests and disease using ultraviolet light in place of chemical pesticides. Our solution is like a giant Roomba for the farm that carries lights up and down the rows as a replacement for chemicals. Farmers using our pest control service can make more profit per acre and have less to manage on their farms.

PDFF: Who has influenced your business perspective or philosophy?

Adam: I personally appreciate the work Elon has done to push society toward sustainable transportation and energy storage. Similarly, I believe our team can help farmers transition to sustainable agricultural practices using innovation.

PDFF: What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur?

Adam: Do something that is meaningful to you and that you love to do.

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