Meet Logan Herring of The Warehouse, 2017 Reinventing Delaware Co-Winner

Logan Herring, founder of The Warehouse in Wilmington, was one of the winners of the Reinventing Delaware competition in 2017 with his idea to create a space where teens can be themselves, be empowered and access resources.

Delaware Business Times

He presented his idea at Reinventing Delaware, where it was voted as top idea of the night and eventually selected by the review committee as top idea of the year – tied with Wilmington Green Box.

“I remember when I was talking to people about this idea for a space for teens and a friend at Zip Code Wilmington told me to pitch my idea for Reinventing Delaware. That’s where it all started,” Herring said.

“I was nervous when I went to the event to pitch my idea, but it won as the top idea at my table. Then the pitch to the entire room was much shorter, but I could tell immediately that I was getting a good response,” he said. “Sitting in the room and watching the numbers on the tally board go up was nerve-wracking. I was elated when I won the top idea.”

From there, Herring met with mentors and business leaders to formalize The Warehouse concept.

“It was all about building momentum. We got teens together to work on the pilot programs and at the same time, I went to meetings to find a building,” he said. “After the summer pilot program did well, we learned that Capital One was donating a building. Then we really got started.”

The Warehouse opened in September 2021 and offers a variety of programs and events for teens in Wilmington.

“The response has been incredible – both from the teens and from the community. And we recently learned that Capital One donated another building on the Riverfront in Wilmington to Delaware State University so we can have a second location by taking a floor in their building and partnering to create a pipeline to Delaware State University,” Herring said.

The Warehouse began with a handful of partners and now has more than 150 partners working with the team to provide services.

Herring recently was inducted into the Delaware Business Leaders Hall of Fame and has been named among the Most Influential Delawareans, as well as CEO of the Year.

“It all started with taking that first step with Reinventing Delaware and we have just blossomed from there,” Herring said. “Now we get calls from all over the U.S. from others who are trying to open a space like The Warehouse and asking us how to make it all work. It’s incredible and very rewarding to be able to offer this for the community.”

Reinventing Delaware was founded by the Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation in 2014 as an entrepreneurial incubator to bring innovative ideas to Delaware to create jobs and improve the lives of Delawareans. This year’s event is set for Thursday, November 11, 2021 at CSC Station in Wilmington. To learn more, visit: