2023: The Chosen 7

These ideas were selected by our Idea Review Committee to advance to scoping sessions led by Social Contract for the chance to advance to the six-month development phase.

Zero Homelessness – Championed by Jeffrey Ronald & Judson Malone

A project of the Springboard Collective Inc., Zero Homelessness is a plan that would move homeless Delawareans into heated, comfortable cabins with employment and educational services onsite. The initiative is being piloted in Sussex County. Ronald aims to launch the program statewide with the foundation’s support.

Spotlight Delaware – Pitched by Allison Levine

Spotlight Delaware is a nonprofit newsroom that will work with existing media to increase government oversight and access to information on how policy affects Delawareans, especially in underserved areas.

Clean Hydrogen – Pitched by Andrew Cottone

A proposition to reduce the reliance on foreign energy by generating clean hydrogen from water and making Delaware the energy leader of the 21st century.

Data Works Delaware Collaborative – Pitched by Charlie Vincent

Improved data collection by nonprofit organizations and government agencies to better inform public policy and decision-making.

Deck the Walls – Pitched by Damon Martin

An initiative aimed to beautify the state with murals and 3D printed sculptures, following Philadelphia and other cities, while creating community unity to capture Delawareans’ stories.

Attract Delaware – Pitched by Scott Malfitano

A plan to incent workers to move to Dover, Delaware from out of state, similar to work done in Tulsa, OK. They attracted over 2,000 people to move to Tulsa with an 88% retention rate after two years.

Workshop Wilmington – Pitched by Zach Phillips

An entrepreneurship incubator offering venture capital support, office space, and programming focused on launching ideas and products.