Volunteers play an important role in the Foundation’s mission, and many of our events and initiatives would simply not be possible without the dedication of volunteers who give their time to make our efforts a success. As we continue to expand with new initiatives and more fully across Delaware, our need for volunteers increases. Volunteers can benefit from meeting other volunteers, and at times, Foundation sponsors, board members, and guests. Volunteers have opportunities to be present at some of the Foundation’s prime events. Volunteering for the Foundation allows individuals, businesses, and community groups the opportunity to pick from among the various Foundation initiatives that are of most interest and to choose the time commitment that is the best fit.

Donate Your Time

The following are just some of the areas and events where volunteers are welcomed:

  • Serving on Foundation committees on an ad hoc or recurring basis
  • Serving as a program reviewer for foundation initiatives
  • Mentoring up and coming entrepreneurs
  • Staffing the Freedom Award Dinner and Reinventing Delaware Program
  • Assisting with the annual Foundation Golf Fundraiser

If you are interested in any of the above or other Foundation volunteer opportunities, we want to say thank you in advance and we look forward to working with you

Interested in Volunteering?

Please complete this form to update and/or provide us with your contact information, so we can keep you up to date with upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

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